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Terra to provide Latin America with live coverage of 2012 Olympic Games in London on mobile phones

-It will be the first time the Olympic Games can be watched live on a mobile phone in Latin America -The "Multi-platform Video Event Coverage" technological solution can be tried out on Telefónica's stand at the forthcoming edition of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

As the official Internet channel for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Terra will be providing Latin America with the most complete and interactive coverage of the Olympic Games. Live content will be accessible through multiple screens, specifically through PCs, interactive TVs, and even mobile phones. In fact, it will be the first time the Olympic Games will be broadcast live via mobile phone.

As the official internet channel, Terra will simultaneously broadcast all the sports events live through 13 HD channels, both from the sporting venues themselves and from its studios in London.

Terra will exercise its rights to broadcast the Olympic Games by mobile phone throughout Latin America, establishing four channels for live mobile phone coverage. It will also provide up-to-the-minute statistics, photos, news and thousands of videos on demand to ensure users do not miss any of the events as they unfold, no matter where they are.

Coverage will be unprecedented, offering a unique experience which, as one would expect, will also be available on tablets, through a specially adapted portal for all large touch screen devices. Using gesture-based navigation and the latest web technologies, the portal will provide the best of both worlds: the visual richness and ease of use of native applications, and the easy access of browsers. In other words, internet users will be kept constantly up to date about the performance of their favourite athletes. They will be able to watch the best moments, leave their comments, get involved in chat rooms, and share their passion for sport through social networks.

Terra's coverage of the Olympic Games will be accessible through multiple screens (PC, interactive TV, mobile phones, etc.) thanks to the launch of “Multiplatform Video Event Coverage”, a cutting-edge technological solution which can be tested first hand on Telefónica's stand at the  Mobile World Congress in Barcelona between 14 and 17 February.

Terra Latinoamérica is the largest Latin American internet company, boasting 70 million visitors to its portals each month. The company provided successful and innovative internet coverage of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, followed by the Winter Olympics in Vancouver – Terra was even the only broadcaster to offer live coverage of the events of countries such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panamá.

Off the back of these successes, Terra has become a leading sports media provider in Latin America. By providing multi-screen content, Terra aims to transform the way in which fans can follow their favourite teams and athletes by accessing a variety of information, anytime, anywhere. It is expected that this event will attract the biggest audience ever on the Web.

In preparation for its role as official internet channel of London 2012, Terra is getting ready this year to provide coverage of October's Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, to all of Latin America and the USA.

About Terra:

Terra is part of the Telefónica Group and operates across 17 Latin American countries and the USA. Since it was incorporated in 1999, Terra has changed the way in which people keep up with news in Latin America, and is widening the provision of high-quality entertainment in the region.

As well as Terra's team of professionals providing live coverage of leading local and international events from the studios of Terra TV, or from any street corner in the world wherever there is news, Terra offers products such as the Sonora interactive music channel, which already boasts over 5 million listeners across the region; or Terra TV, the second most popular premium-content professional video platform on the Internet.

Sonora already ranks among leading subscriber services in the world, and has now started offering an MP3 download service. Already available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia and Mexico, during the first quarter of 2011, Terra's digital music service will be extended to cover other countries including Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

Terra TV is of equal strategic importance, providing Latin American internet users with the best news content every day. Terra was the first internet company in the world to sign agreements with CNN, Disney and over 100 suppliers to publish the best series and films totally free of charge.

In order to bring added value to its provision of films, documentaries, concerts, series and cartoons, Terra has launched its Terra TV Video Store in Brazil, which it will introduce across Latin America in the near future. Terra TV Video Store is a virtual video club through which internet users can access material unpublished elsewhere on the Internet under a monthly subscription to rent or purchase content.